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Best Car Rental Company in Rwanda for Self Drive Rwanda & Rwanda Car Rental with Driver

Are you planning to visit Rwanda on a self drive Rwanda adventure tour or hire a car in Rwanda with driver? Look No further, Your Drive Rwanda is one of the best Car Rental Companies in Rwanda offering affordable Rwanda Car rental deals from as low as $50 US dollars per day on your car rental Plan.

Your Drive Rwanda is a reputable 4×4 Rwanda car rental company in Kigali. If you are wondering where to get quality 4×4 Rwanda car rental services in Kigali, we are always available and ready to serve you. We have been offering the best car rental solutions to our clients for the past five years, taking road trips as far away as Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan. You can rent a car with us for self-drive Rwanda or 4×4 chauffer services and enjoy exciting trips to popular destinations. Our self drive Rwanda and car rentals in Rwanda solutions are mostly reliable 4x4s, which are best suited for all road conditions in Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania.

What We Offer for your Road Trip Rwanda Car Hire?

We have a wide range of regularly serviced and well maintained 4×4 Rwanda car rentals you can book on our fleet. Some of our 4×4 Rwanda car rentals for your Car rental Rwanda safari include 4×4 Toyota Rav4, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TZ, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TX with a pop-up roof, 4×4 Land cruiser V8/VX, 4X4 Land cruiser V8/VX with a pop-up roof, 4×4 land cruiser GX Manual, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TX with rooftop tent, 4×4 Land cruiser V8/VX with rooftop tent, 4×4 Land cruiser GX manual with a pop-up roof, 4×4 Land cruiser GX manual with rooftop tent, 4×4 Safari Van like the Toyota Super Custom or Hi-Ace Drone, 4×4 Land cruiser Hardtop, and a 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser extended.

Whether you are booking your car for Long-term car rental Rwanda, Kigali airport car rental, or Luxury car rental Rwanda, We will offer you a convenient 4×4 rental car for your road trip in Rwanda or vacation at the best price in the market, so you have the opportunity to view some of Africa’s popular destinations.

Best Rental Cars for Luxury Car Rental in Rwanda

4×4 Rwanda Car Rental provides the very best Rwanda Luxury Car Hire Services in Kigali and Rwanda at Large. Pick from our fleet of luxury vehicles. Contact Us Today.

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Save on Your Rwanda Adventure with our 4x4 Rwanda Car Rental Deals

Explore Rwanda with Our 4x4 Rwanda Car Rental Services

4×4 Rwanda Car Rental is one of Rwanda’s top car rental companies based in Kigali city offering the Best Car Hire Rates in Rwanda and specializing in hiring out all types of cars for self drive Rwanda, Kigali Airport car rental, Rwanda Car Rental with Driver, Long-term car rental Rwanda, among others.

Self Drive Car Rental

Convenient and flexible transportation options for visitors to explore the country’s attractions independently.

Car Rental With Driver

Comfortable and hassle-free way for travelers to navigate the country while enjoying the expertise of a local driver.

Delivery and Pick up

Convenience of having a vehicle brought to your location and retrieved, enhancing the ease of transportation for customers.

Long-Term Car Rental

Cost-effective and flexible solution for extended periods, catering to the diverse needs requiring extended transportation.

Camping Car Rental

Convenience of accessing high quality camping equipments, for a memorable and comfortable camping experience.

Cross Border Car Rental

Seamless international travel, enabling customers to explore neighboring countries with ease and flexibility.

Why Rent A Car With 4x4 Rwanda Car Rental?

We offer the best rental cars in Rwanda and personalized services, ensuring a reliable, comfortable and memorable experiences as you Visit Rwanda’s beautiful destinations.

Easy & Competitive Prices

Price match within 48 hours of order confirmation

Breakdown Assistance

It is only a matter of notifying one of our support staff for immediate rescue or help

24/7 Free Customer Support

We are here to help, before, during, and even after your trip.

Fast Car Delivery Service

Our 4×4 Rental Car in Rwanda can be dropped at your place of convenience in Rwanda

What Travelers Say about our 4x4 Rwanda Car Rental Choices!

Raphael S
Raphael S
Strong and reasonably reliable RAV4 with excellent customer service I hired a Toyota RAV4 5-door and camping gear for a total of 10 days during a self-drive holiday around Uganda. The customer service was excellent and impeccable. I arranged the hire over WhatsApp (+256 704 538374), where all my queries were answered. The car was delivered to my guest house in Entebbe 15 minutes early (!) by a guide / driver. He got us to read and sign the terms of hire, and check around the car. He returned to the guest house at the end to pick it up. The car itself was robust and sufficient for our needs. It handled the bumpy roads of Uganda very well. The 4-wheel drive helped us out when we got stuck in mud in a game park! The rear seats could be folded down and we used this to store our tent, mattresses, and luggage with ease. We had a few minor issues with the vehicle during the hire. These were discussed with Sulaiman, the hire company frontman, on return, but I thought it prudent to note them here so you get an idea of car reliability: - The rear view mirror socket was loose and the mirror rarely stayed in one place - The front lights both worked, and were sufficient for car visibility in the dark, but did not illuminate the road ahead comfortably - The windows at times would not roll up/down. This tended to self-resolve with time - One of the windscreen wipers kept coming off every 10-15 minutes during use. We had to attach it using tape - We checked the water, steering fluid, brake fluid, and oil on hire: these were fine. During a refuel at a Total station, a mechanic checked the gearbox fluid and showed us that it was low. It needed refilling, costing 29,000 Shillings. Except for the above minor issues, the car was safe and satisfying to drive. I would not recommend hiring camping gear from this company. We were given a tent, two mattresses, a gas stove, two fold-away chairs, a fold-away table, and a box with cups, cutlery, pans, and plates in it. We were assured that the tent was for two, but when we first used it, we could hardly fit one of us inside! The mattresses only just fit in the tent lengthways and had considerable overlap on each other. The setup had clearly not been thought through or tested by YDU. As a result, we changed our plans to stay in guest houses throughout our travels, so I cannot comment on the stove, table, chairs, or cooking equipment. Needlesstosay, this is car hire company, so expect a decent car but not necessarily the best in camping equipment.
kajetan z
kajetan z
As expected We took the Toyota Prado Tx. We got it for a good deal. The car was an old model and a little banged up, just what we needed for the off road driving in the parks. Everything preformed as expected, the staff was responsive and reliable. PS: don't drive in the night in Uganda! The pot holes are everywhere and the incoming traffic doesn't care and uses hi beams all the time, blinding you in the process, making it impossible to see them. The insurance doesnt cover anything at night (it says so in the contract) so you are taking on massive risk.
Clare K
Clare K
The most reliable 4x4 Land cruiser I and two friends rented a 4x4 Land Cruiser V8 for business meeting in Eastern Uganda "Jinja" for a week. First, the driver "Charis" delivered the vehicle to us at Entebbe airport at no extra charge. We drove to Jinja and enjoyed the high comfort of this vehicle. It was very reliable and we drove at zero mileage. They have the best cars and I recommend them for your next car rental in Uganda. Your Drive Uganda is the best
OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE , WE SAW GORILLAS We never knew what to see when we made our booking with your drive oganda , we hired a safari van for our 22 days in oganda safari and everything went as expected, the company offered us the best driver guide over all guides, Charis was super and reliable, very smart and kind, he always made sure we are fine, made sure we see almost everything, starting from nature ,all animals in their wildness where seen, we tested the true African wildness, we saw more than we expected on our safari, thank you Charis , thank you your drive oganda.
Clare M
Clare M
Perfect car for my road-trip This has been so far one of the best car rental in Uganda service provider I have used. I hired a Land Cruiser Prado for a roadtrip in uganda and this worked beyond my expectations for the entire period. They delivered the car while it was clean and everything I had requested for was brought along with the car. I would definitely recommend them and use Your drive Uganda next time.
Katie S
Katie S
Would highly recommend We had an excellent experience! Pious was a great driver and very accommodating. The car worked well. Would highly recommend!
Ina P
Ina P
Amaizing trip with Sulaiman! It was an unforgettble experience spending 4 days in Uganda and having an experienced, rofessional and yet friendly driver Sulaiman. It was a business trip and it happened that I got one unplanned free day to explore buties of Uganda. Sulaiman recomended places to visit, and was en excellent tour guide! I was impressed with his driving skills on the busy roads in and around Kampala. He made this trip truly special! He went an extra mile and helped me to find and get a traditional dress! I highly recomend this company and their professional services!
Simon B
Simon B
The worst car I've ever driven The car we hired broke on the first day. After waiting 8 hours on the roadside it was replaced with an even worse vehicle. This also broke within 24 hrs. And continued to break down over the next two weeks. It was never properly repaired, just bodged. Most features of the car didn't work properly. It is the worst, scariest, most dangerous car I have ever driven. The owner kept suggesting it was our fault for driving it wrong. This company cares nothing for their cars, nor their customers. Don't use them.
Niklas L
Niklas L
Roadtrip trough Uganda in 03/24 We booked our trip with "Your Drive Uganda", we had several contacts with Titus (think he's the head of back office) and everything worked out as it should. He's a friendly, smart guy and always helpful. Our driver was Mr. Pius aka Mr. Fyah, he fit in perfectly with our group and showed us the real Uganda, not always these touristy events. We met locals, ate local food und saw some unknown insider tips. We didn't want the typical vacation experiences and he fullfilled our dream. It was a real pleasure and we truly met a friend in uganda with pius. We can recommend "Your Drive Uganda" as company and provider. Recommedation 5/5 Mr. Pius/ Mr. Fyah (our group's nickname for Mr. Pius) rating is a 10 out of 5, he made our trip legendary. We wish him all the best and hope that we can meet him again on our next visit to Uganda.
Reliable service & vehicle. Titus was very communicative and responsive during the booking and build up to the hire period. We had initially booked a specific vehicle but on arrival asked if it was possible to swap for a smaller alternative. Titus was very accommodating and facilitated the swap that day, straight away. The vehicle was reliable, and while not the latest model, seemed to be well maintained and served us well for our time in uganda. We covered some distance, driving from entebbe out to Nakaseke, then on to Kabale, and the vehicle had no issues at all. We were very satisfied with the vehicle and the service we received, especially the airport collection and drop-off, the great communication, and flexibility.

Most Popular 4x4 Rwanda Car Rental Deals | Best Rental Cars in Rwanda

Available For Kigali Self Drive Car Hire & Rwanda Car Rental With Driver

Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ

Toyota Rav4

Toyota Land Cruiser VX/V8

Land Cruiser GX Manual

Toyota Hiace Drone

Perfect Choice for your 4x4 Car Rental Rwanda

Available For Self Drive Car Rental or 4x4 Car Hire Rwanda With A Driver

Are you planning to travel around Rwanda the land of thousand hills, our 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda fleet are a perfect choice for your adventure as they conquer any terrain with confidence and comfort, delivering unparalleled adventure and reliability to your journey.


Car Rental Tips for First-Time Visitors to Rwanda

What You Should Know?

Our 4x4 Rwanda Car Rentals With Roof Top Tents

Available For Self Drive & Hire With A Driver

Land Cruiser Prado TX with Rooftop Tent

Available on Self Drive

$110 $95/Day

The Land Cruiser Prado TX with a rooftop tent is one of the affordable car rentals in Rwanda that offers nimble maneuverability and fuel efficiency, ideal for traversing the country’s diverse terrains while accommodating a rooftop tent for comfortable camping.


Land Cruiser V8 with Rooftop Tent

Available on Self Drive

$150 $120/Day

The Toyota Cruiser V8 with a Rooftop tent is one of the best rental cars in Rwanda that boasts unmatched power and performance, making it perfect for tackling Rwanda’s toughest trails with ease, complemented by a rooftop tent for luxurious outdoor accommodations.

Requirements needed to rent a car for Self Drive in Rwanda?

Rwanda has set its own regulations and policies on car rental and self driving to avoid malpractices in the travel industry. Due to the increase in car theft crimes, whoever wants to go for a self drive trip in Rwanda, you are required to present a number of documents which prove your identity and those that allow you to drive on foreign roads.

Among the requirements needed to rent a car for self drive includes a copy of a valid passport and a valid international driver’s license or a national driving permit. You must also be 21 year of age or above. The maximum age for renting a car for self drive is 65.

How to Rent a Car for Self Drive or with a Driver in Rwanda?

You must be wondering how you can go ahead and rent a car for self drive or with a driver in Rwanda. The first and foremost thing you need to do is select your choice of car you would like to hire depending on the number of people, your needs and comfort you need.

After selecting the car you would like to use on your business or Rwanda safari trip, you can go ahead and send us an email that includes the rental duration on info@4x4rwandacarrental.com or  you can as well talk to us directly on +256704538374 that’s available on WhatsApp and our customer care team will brief you with each and everything you need to know.

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Our 4x4 Rwanda Car Rentals With Pop-up Roof

Available For Self Drive & Hire With A Driver

Toyota Prado TX with Pop-up Roof

Available on Self Drive

$90 $80/Day


Land Cruiser V8 with Pop-up Roof

Available on Self Drive

$130 $110/Day


Land Cruiser with Pop-up Roof

Available With A Driver

$220 $200/Day

Best Car Rentals in Rwanda for Families and Group Tours

Make your family getaway to Rwanda extraordinary with our comprehensive guide to car rental for family trips in Rwanda. You can drive your family in style in a convenient rental car from Best 4×4 Car Rentals in Rwanda. Start planning an incredible family trip with the help of a reputable car rental company in Kigali, Rwanda.


Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rental in Rwanda!

What do I need to hire a car in Rwanda?

To rent a car Rwanda, all you need to have is a valid copy of your driving license and a valid copy of your passport. We ask for these documents for identity purposes and to indeed confirm that you have the desired experience to drive on the road.

How much is it to rent a car in Rwanda?

The cost of car rental in Rwanda varies and this depends on the number of days, the type of car you would like to hire and your destination as well. The more comfortable and stronger the car is, the more you are likely to pay to hire it.

In case a traffic officer asks me to stop, what do I need to do?

Traffic officers in Rwanda are friendly and in case they do ask you to stop, please go ahead and park. These may stop you to confirm whether you have the right documents like a driving license or the car you are driving is in the right state.

Any Questions?

We are here to help.