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Toyota Land cruiser V8 with Pop-up Roof

Experience the extraordinary with our Toyota Land cruiser V8 with Pop-up Roof for an immersive safari adventure in Rwanda. The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 which is available for hire in Rwanda is a rugged and reliable SUV that has gained popularity for its exceptional comfort ability and off-road capabilities. The pop-up roof feature makes this vehicle more unique compared to other 4×4 cars for Rwanda car rental. Toyota Land cruiser V8 with a pop-up roof allows travelers to enjoy beautiful views of nature especially during game drives.


Are you planning to go for a wildlife safari adventure, the pop-up roof on our Toyota Land cruiser V8 adds an extra element of convenience to your trip. This vehicle has a very powerful engine, comfortable spacious interior, and advanced safety system. Land Cruiser V8 with a pop-up roof is practically the best choice for travelers seeking for comfort, high functionality and convenience.

Features of the Toyota Land cruiser V8 with a pop-up roof         

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive Train: Four wheel drive
  • Seating capacity: 5 to 7
  • Fuel type: Petrol/ premium fuel
  • Full tank capacity: 93 liters
  • Fuel consumption: 13liters per 100 km
  • Air conditioner
  • Pop-up roof
  • 5 doors
  • Spare tire and kit
  • Adjustable seats

Benefits of renting a Toyota land cruiser V8 with a pop-up roof in Rwanda

The popup roof feature on the land cruiser V8 allows travelers to have a unique safari experience by providing panoramic views of the diverse landscapes and wildlife of the country. The popup provides an elevated stand room that enhances the safari experience by allowing for a full angle view and photography during game drives.

Land Cruiser V8 is a strong and reliable SUV which was basically designed to handle the rugged terrain of Rwanda. With its rugged design, powerful engine, 4×4 system and high ground clearance, the V8 land cruiser is an ideal choice for exploring Rwanda’s national parks and off-road adventures.

Renting a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 with a pop-up roof in Rwanda offers maximum flexibility and convenience as it allows you to explore at your own pace. This saves you from being restricted by public transportation schedules. It gives you the freedom to choose and follow your own itinerary and discover off-the beaten paths.

Being a big vehicle, the Land Cruiser V8 can comfortably seat up to 7 passengers and provides ample space for luggage, making it perfect for both leisure, long road trips and adventure travels.

Suitability of Toyota Land cruiser V8 for Rwanda’s terrain

Robust Build

With its robust build and sturdy construction, this land cruiser was designed to handle hash terrains and tough driving conditions. The rugged build of this unique SUV ensures high level of durability and reliability, making it a perfect choice for those planning to explore off-road destinations.

High ground clearance

This spacious land cruiser boasts an exceptional high ground clearance which allows it to navigate tough terrains with ease and hence being a popular choice for off-road adventures. With its high ground clearance, the Land Cruiser V8 can conquer obstacles such as rocks, logs, and uneven surfaces easily.

Powerful engine

The land cruiser V8 is equipped with a very powerful engine with 8 cylinders. Its V8 engine is well known for its exceptional performance & impressive road capabilities. With this type of engine, the land cruiser V8 offers an exceptional power and acceleration. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or navigating the rough terrain of Rwanda, this spacious vehicle delivers a smooth driving experience.

4×4 Drive train & advanced suspension system

Our Toyota land cruiser V8 with a pop-up roof which is available for hire in Rwanda is equipped with a 4×4 drivetrain which allows it to conquer rough terrains with ease. The 4×4 system provides power to all the four wheels, enhancing traction and stability. With the advanced suspension system of this spacious Land Cruiser ensures a comfortable and worry free ride, even when on rough roads.

How much does it cost to rent a Land cruiser V8 with a pop-up roof in Rwanda?

Renting our Land cruiser V8 which has a popup roof comes at a very low cost regardless of the comfort and convenience it delivers. This spacious vehicle is available for hire in Rwanda at only $110 per day for self drive and $150 per day with a driver. In case you want to rent this vehicle with camping gears, there will be a very slight increase of as low as $15 per day.