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What are the Requirements needed to rent a car for Self Drive in Rwanda?

Discover the must-have requirements needed to rent a car for self drive adventures in Rwanda with 4×4 Rwanda Car Rental. Just like any other African Country, Rwanda has set its own regulations and policies on car rental and self driving to avoid malpractices in the travel industry. Due to the increase in car theft crimes, whoever wants to go for a self drive trip in Rwanda, you are required to present a number of documents which prove your identity and those that allow you to drive on foreign roads.


Among the requirements needed to rent a car for self drive in Rwanda are;

Minimum and Maximum age

In Rwanda, the minimum driving age is 18 but when it comes to renting a car for self drive, many rental companies prefer giving their vehicles to only those who have a driving experience of at least 3 years. Therefore, in order for you to rent a car and self drive in Rwanda, you must be 21 and above. The maximum age for renting a car for self drive is 65.

Valid Passport

You should present a copy of your passport on the reservation table for you to rent a car for self drive in Rwanda. The passport serves as a valid form of identification as well as providing proof for your nationality. With a valid passport, you will have access to renting a car in Rwanda be it for self drive or car rental with a driver.

Valid driver’s license

For self drive car rental in Rwanda, you must have a valid international driver’s license or a national driving permit. This is needed just to confirm that you are an experienced and responsible driver and therefore it will be easy for us to trust you with our vehicle. Note that no rental company in Rwanda will ever give you a car for self drive without you presenting a driver’s license which is valid.

Is it safe to self drive in Rwanda?

Yes, Rwanda is practically the safest East African country for self drive for both local and international travelers. It is one of the countries with the most beautiful road networks in East Africa making self drive a viable option. Among the factors that make Rwanda very safe for self drive is the fact that there is low crime rates. Rwanda has put a lot of emphasis in maintaining law and order, creating a secure reliable environment for travelers.

Another factor is that Rwanda has installed surveillance systems in most of the parts of the country which adds an extra layer of safety for travelers who would like to go for self drive trips. This country has invested a lot in improving its road transport system by paving and properly maintaining its highways and urban roads as well.

How is driving in Rwanda?

Driving in Rwanda is very full of experience however, it can be stressing at times especially during the peak hours when roads are so congested. All you have to do in this case is to drive defensively and with extra care and patience. When it comes to the speed limits, you need to be so vigilant and follow the limits. In busy towns, you must not exceed 40km/hr, on highways and provinces, it is 60km/hr. Anything beyond that is being against the law and it is charged.