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Best time to book a self-drive car rental in Rwanda


Plan your Rwandan road trip like a pro! Discover the best times to book a self-drive car rental in Rwanda and maximize your journey through the stunning landscapes. Rwanda is one of the most visited countries in the eastern part of Africa, with some of the best destinations. Many travelers across the world are now adding this small East African nation to their check lists for many reasons, varying from the wide range of attractions, ease of accessibility, welcoming locals, and favorable climatic conditions. Rwanda’s improved infrastructure has played a major role in boosting its tourism and travel industries, where good roads have been constructed and a number of globally recognized facilities have been built, such as the Kigali Conference Centre. A number of key attractions, such as the Genocide Memorial Center and national parks, have kept Rwanda’s economy moving.

However, for first-time visitors, it is important to consider when to visit Rwanda or book a rental car for self-drive or chauffeur services. This will help you not just because you are looking for a special experience but rather because you are thinking of saving some coins in your pocket or inconveniences when it comes to road tripping at specific times or seasons.

Rwanda features several seasons, which should be considered when planning your road trip or adventure here. The weather is fairly temperate and favors travel throughout the year due to its compact size, high altitude, and proximity to the equator. Rwanda experiences two main seasons, and many travelers consider this seasonality before deciding to travel in the country. We recommend studying the season and knowing when the best time is and when the best offers are availed by a number of car rental companies, accommodations, and activities.  The availability of amenities, facilities, and activities in different destinations is usually determined by seasonal alternation. For example, during peak seasons, all facilities, such as hotels and lodges, tend to hike their rates as a result of high demand from the influx of travelers.

Rwanda experiences two seasons throughout the year: the dry and wet seasons in four quarters of the year.

  1. December to February
  2. March to June
  3. July to September
  4. October to November

December to February

This is the busiest and most popular time of the year to go on a Rwanda safari. Many travelers come in during the holiday season for the great opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery of this beautiful country. The warm climate and sunshine in these months offer great opportunities for unforgettable forest treks. The weather conditions are fair enough for planning exciting trips to most parts of the country since there are minimal or no rains during this time.

March to June

March to June is widely regarded as the best time to visit Rwanda. This is a hybrid of a low season since showers begin in March and continue right through until mid-May. Expect the best rates due to low demand. These average months are also the best time of the year to book gorilla permits for August.

July to September

The dry season between July and September is known for being the best time to go adventuring in Rwanda. The light cloud cover during this time of year makes for a comfortable climate for gorilla trekking. However, these months are associated with high rates due to high demand, so we recommend prior bookings at least three to four months in advance.

October to November

These two months are associated with the short rainy season that often happens on a regular basis. This is a recommended time to visit because they are not as busy as the other months of the year, and you could also take advantage of lower costs on permits. The roads will be muddy, but not as bad as some weeks in December.