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Frequently asked questions about Car Rental in Rwanda

Discover the ins and outs of 4×4 Rwanda car rentals with our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions guide. Renting a car in a foreign country for the first time can be frustrating especially when you are not so sure about the traffic laws or any other thing that may hinder your safety while in that country.


For travelers coming to Rwanda worry not because we have compiled the main frequently asked questions about car rental in Rwanda so that you get to the valuable information you need before you go ahead to book your car that you will use while you visit the country whether on a business trip or safari. These include;

How much is it to rent a car in Rwanda?

The cost of car rental in Rwanda varies and this depends on the number of days, the type of car you would like to hire and your destination as well. We have a large fleet of self drive Rwanda cars for hire and these include both small compact vehicles and 4×4 SUVs. The more comfortable and stronger the car is, the more you are likely to pay to hire it.

For travelers hiring on long term car rental Rwanda basis, we have amazing car rental Rwanda discounts you will benefit from. And if you intend to cross the border into other East African countries, we request you to always inform us days prior to your trip so that we arrange the necessary documents for you to cross into another country.

Is it safe to self drive in Rwanda?

Safety is a major concern for everyone visiting a foreign country for the first time but we give you the assurance that Rwanda is among the safest countries and easy self drive in with the new improved road network.

Once you follow the set traffic rules that include driving on the right hand side of the road, respecting other road users and much more, we assure you that you will be completely safe on the road.

In terms of security, Rwanda stands out among the violence free countries in Africa and for at least a decade, the country hasn’t registered a case against international travelers.

What do I need to hire a car in Rwanda?

To rent a car in Rwanda, all you need to have is a valid copy of your driving license and a valid copy of your passport. Car rental companies ask for these documents for identity purposes and to indeed comfirm that you have the desired experience to drive on the road.

For travelers coming for a self drive in Rwanda, you need to atleast be aged between 25-65 years for us to be able to reserve you your preferred car for your trip. Drivers between 21 – 25 years, you will be subjected to an underage surcharge.

In case a traffic officer asks me to stop, what do I need to do?

Traffic officers in Rwanda are friendly and in case they do ask you to stop, please go ahead and park. These may stop you to confirm whether you have the right documents like a driving license or the car you are driving is in the right state. Once you are found not to have committed any offense, you will be left to proceed with your trip.

Can I hire a driver in Rwanda?

Absolutely right. We have professional English speaking drivers who are well versed with the road network in the country and will take you anywhere you would like to go within the Rwanda. Unlike self drive, to hire a car with a driver you will pay an extra fee to cater for the driver’s allowance and accommodation as well.

What payment options do I have if am hiring the car?

We have various payment options that you can choose from if you do plan to hire a car from us. To confirm your booking, we always request you to pay 40% of the rental fee online using your credit card and you can pay the rest upon the rest upon arrival at the airport or once the car is brought to you at your residence.

You can as well choose to pay the rest of the rental fees by card or pay it in cash to our driver/guide who will deliver the car to you.

You can as well pay all the rental fees at once prior to your arrival and we will be able to reserve your vehicle and avail it for you upon arrival in Rwanda.

To rent a car Rwanda with us, simply send us an email on info@4x4rwandacarrental.com with details about your rental dates, type of car, number of people and your details. Upon receiving your inquiry our reservations team will take you through the booking process and brief you with each and everything you would like to know about car rental Rwanda.

You can as well contact us directly on +256 704 538 374 available on whatsapp as well and our customer care agent will take you through each and everything you would like to know about car rental in Rwanda.

Renting a car in Rwanda is one of the best ways you will easily explore what this country also referred to as the “land of a thousand hills” holds within her boundaries.