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Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop

Experience the epitome of rugged luxury with our Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop for your Rwandan adventure. This SUV, or sport utility vehicle, is a medium- to large-sized car that has a resemblance to a wagon-type vehicle but has the body frame of a light truck. The indestructible Land Cruiser Hardtop SUV is equipped with four- or all-wheel-drive capabilities and is often a popular choice for both upcountry adventures where paved roads are scarce and off-road handling is a necessity as well as town drives.


The Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop is a perfect alternative for off-road performance and reliability, handling the harshest conditions and toughest situations that life can throw at it while maintaining comfort. Its robust chassis offers a solid foundation for responsive control. It is the standard fleet vehicle for many travel companies that demand the ultimate in dependability. Travelers can trust this model to deliver unprecedented performance. It features 4×4 capabilities and comes handy with air conditioning, ABS, air bags, central locking, and a roof rack.


  • Powertrain: 5-liter turbo diesel, 5-speed manual, four-wheel drive, dual-range
  • Fuel economy: 7 L/100km combined (est. 22 mpg, manufacturer claim)
  • Fuel Efficiency: 13.5 liters per 100 km
  • maximum top speed of 90 mph (145 km/h)
  • Passenger Capacity: 4
  • Passenger Doors: 4


  • Has a combination of off-road capability and on-road comfort.
  • long list of standard safety and convenience features
  • A powerful engine with high performance
  • Suspension copped a desert battering quite easily.
  • Has a high towing capacity.
  • Sufficient room for the whole family on vacation


  • High fuel consumption rate
  • It may not have much of the safety and technology you expect.