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Group Car Rental in Rwanda


Embark on a collective journey through Rwanda with ease! Our group car rental in Rwanda are designed to accommodate your travel squad, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Are you a visitor in Kigali and are wondering how to get around town, or are you planning an exciting trip around Rwanda in a group to enjoy your vacation or holiday? Look no further; Your Drive Rwanda is a professional car rental company offering reliable and affordable car hire services in Rwanda for business trips, vacation or safari holidays, leisure and honeymoon or romantic escapes, backpackers, and big and small groups.

We offer a wide range of rental cars to cater to your group’s needs. Our group car-hire services range from weddings, reunions, and group retreats to business or corporate meetings and conferences. You can book your group car rental in Rwanda with Your Drive Rwanda for your next big event or retreat and get great deals with low group rates! We also offer substantial discounts if you are interested in long-term rental car options, which makes it cost-effective and allows you to make savings for your budget.

Our extensive fleet consists of different car categories such as mini, economy, compact, compact estate, intermediate, intermediate estate, standard, standard estate, full size, full size estate, and luxury. The wide range of cars convenient for your group trips include the versatile Toyota Rav4, the robust 4×4 Land Cruiser Prado, the Land Cruiser TX/TX with rooftop tent, the 4×4 Land Cruiser V8/VX, the 4X4 Land Cruiser V8/VX with rooftop tent, the 4×4 Land Cruiser V8/VX with a convenient pop-up roof, the 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser extended, the Nissan Patrol and Safari vans such as Super Custom and Hi-ace drones, and Overland trucks, among others.

Our regularly serviced and well-maintained group rental cars come with complementing accessories or camping equipment, which comprises portable bush tents and roof-top tents that will enhance your entire road trip and group camping experience for those planning a thrilling group camping trip or retreat in Rwanda and surrounding borders. We offer our services at the best prices in the market and superb customer care services for different groups.

Book the Right Vehicle for Any Group

Book with us and receive special rates and the highest quality of service guaranteed. Reserve your group’s next weekly or weekend rental car faster, easier, and more conveniently than ever. Take advantage of weekly rental savings and other great perks. As a professional and reputable exclusive car rental company in Kigali, we offer our esteemed customers quality services and convenient, flexible options such as one-way rentals and discounts.

Whether you want to rent a car for a business trip, corporate meeting, or leisure travel, each offers a varied range of rental options, from luxury to sport vehicles and more, which come with special car features such as anti-lock brakes, dual airbag protection, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth capability. With the best car rental company located in Kigali, avoid wasting your valuable time and save money on your next car rental today.

Recommended cars for group car rental in Rwanda

Choose the best car for your next group trip at affordable prices according to the size of your group, whether family or corporate, from our fleet.

Toyota Rav4

The versatile SUV Toyota Rav4 is a highly recommended option for a small group of four people on a self-drive trip or three people with a driver at only $55 per day. Its 4×4 capability offers you flexibility and comfort, so you are sure to enjoy your trip regardless of the terrain or nature of the road you drive through.

Land Cruiser TX/TZ

This four-wheel-drive SUV is a high-performance vehicle that is unbeatable. It offers real comfort to its occupants on short and long trips. Its 4×4 capability ensures your comfort even on the wildest roads, like bumpy, hilly areas and off-the-beaten tracks. It is ideal for small groups of up to six passengers on self-drive. It can still handle a group of five if you rent with a driver. It is roomy and has sufficient space for luggage, which is convenient for those going camping.

The Land Cruiser GX is another grand sport utility vehicle with a powerful and efficient engine that makes it conducive to off-roading. This is a perfect choice for campers going to national parks or off the beaten track. It is cost-effective, and fuel consumption is relatively low compared to its V8 counterpart. This off-road car goes for only $100 per day for self-drive.

Land Cruiser V8/VX

The Land Cruiser V8/VX promises comfort while on your trip. Its well-built engine produces sufficient power to counter any kind of challenge, handling all kinds of terrain. The SUV is an ideal car for groups of VIPs as it has all the luxurious features. It is perfect for a city tour through Kigali or for those embarking on a business trip, offering all sorts of comfort and convenience. You can have it for only $100 per day for self-driving or $120 with a driver. Get yourself this 6-seater car and enjoy your trip or event in Rwanda.

The Land Cruiser Extended is the most popular vehicle used on safaris. It is convenient and offers maximum comfort to passengers due to its four-wheel-drive capability. Its powerful engine gives it the ability to fight any kind of terrain in any kind of weather condition. The Land Cruiser Extended is the best car that suits groups on safari, and it comes with a pop-up roof that offers a 360-degree view while on safari. The land cruiser extended goes for only $200 per day.

Safari Van happens to be relatively cheaper compared to those other options above, yet it carries quite a large number of passengers with enough storage space for luggage. It also features a 4×4 capability and can overcome any road condition. The Safari Van costs around $120 per day, including the driver’s charges, and it can seat up to nine passengers.