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Car Rental Tips for First-Time Visitors to Rwanda


Embark on a seamless journey through Rwanda with our car rental tips for first-time visitors to Rwanda. Reserve now your rental car. Car rental has become a popular, favorite, and safest mode of transportation in recent years for most travelers to get around on their various trips and adventures, whether taking a safari to national parks, business trips in the city, or other popular destinations.

Driving and joining the open road is the best way to experience and explore different destinations on your trip, but you will need to rent a car from a reputable car rental company to experience these destinations. We know a thing or two about car rental tips and tricks and the best way to rent a reliable car. However, truth be told, there aren’t many things we hate doing when planning a trip, but renting a car is one of them. Renting a car for the first time can be an exciting experience, but it is also one of the most daunting aspects of road trips for first-time visitors.

It can be fun to drive a newer car, especially when you’re on vacation or on a road trip. There are also aspects to understand. When you’re renting a car, there are several factors to put into consideration first: Your budget, destinations to visit, how long you’ll spend, and what documentation you’ll need to bring with you

Because of our experience in car rentals, we’ve developed some helpful car rental tips and hints about renting cars. If you’re visiting Rwanda and wondering how to rent a car abroad or domestically, this information will help expose all our favorite car rental tips and tricks for renting a car.

  1. Choose a trusted car rental company.

There are countless car rental companies in Rwanda, but also tour operators offer similar car rental services, and that’s why you must be keen and considerate when choosing one that will offer you the best services at the best price. You can do some research online, look through the various websites, and look out for company reviews from past clients or affiliates. You can trust and rely on a company with good reviews from previous clients, a navigable website, a valid address, and valid contact numbers.

  1. Choose a reliable car.

Once you have decided on which company to rent a car from, the next aspect is to consider which car best suits your personal interests and your trip, such as the type of car suitable for the terrain you’ll drive through, the number of people you will travel with, and most importantly, your budget range as well as the destinations you will be visiting. Sedan cars are ideal for couples or 3–5 people, while safari cars like the extended-land cruiser and minivan are ideal for small groups.

  1. Check the car before driving off.

It is important to check your car well before you embark on a trip, especially if you are renting one or if it’s your first time driving in Uganda. Most people who are driving for the first time pay attention to things like how to start a car, control the brakes, or change gears. However, there are petty things that may be disastrous if left ignored. Before you drive any vehicle you are not used to, first familiarize yourself with all the controls, such as knowing where all the signal lights are and checking whether all the lights are working well.

  1. Make sure you have a valid driving license

You will need a valid driver’s license to travel and drive around Uganda. You don’t want unnecessary interruptions or inconveniences while on your trip or adventure because you don’t have a driving permit. If you are from a foreign country, you must have a driving permit written in English or an international driver’s license, which translates your local driver’s license to the country’s language. Having a valid driver’s license will save you a lot of hassle during your road trip in Uganda.

  1. Plan your journey

Having a clear route plan before setting out on your trip will save you from undue stress. Choose areas that you are comfortable with and are very well acquainted with. Aim for roads or streets that have minimal traffic so that you are able to drive carefully.

  1. Keep those fuel receipts

Most of the time, as per company policy, you may need to return your rental vehicle with a full tank of gas. Some companies also have a policy where you can pay for them to refill the fuel tank when you return it. However, if you choose to return the car with a full tank of fuel, make sure your receipts are properly kept to show when you return the rental car to make sure you won’t get charged.