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Kigali Airport Transfers

Experience exceptional value for money Kigali Airport Transfers, drop offs and pickups to your ideal destinations around the country anytime any day. Kigali Airport transfers are basically organized airport drop offs and pickups at Kigali Airport (KGL). These chauffeured experiences are mostly in cabs, hotel shuttles and exclusively private car rental companies.

Kigali Airport Transfers - 4x4 Rwanda Car Rental Airport Shuttles

Best Airport transfers in Kigali are the key travel plans through this beautiful country in regard of your tastes and preferences. With this chauffeured experience expect to be moved directly to your reserved accommodation facility in Rwanda and other interesting options. You could arrange to have a round trip with your airport transfer company to drop you off at the airport after your stay in Rwanda.

The activity also tours you through the Rwandan capital Kigali for those residing in the city and also across the country’s well developed districts. Business travelers ought to prioritize airport transfers as they are the quickest and most legit transportation modes to Rwanda conference centers and corporate offices.

Kigali Airport transfers are denoted to be the most efficient ways for tourism enthusiasts to arrive at the country’s tourist attraction facilities. Those ideally planning to come visit Rwandan National Parks and game reserves should crucially consider booking an airport transfer before their arrival at Kigali Airport.

What are the modes of Kigali Airport Transfers?

These modes are basically taxis (cabs), hotel shuttles and private car rental companies. Briefly understand the above modes below;

  1. Hotel Shuttles:

These are airport transfer vehicles provided by accommodation facilities in Rwanda to visitors at the airport. These shuttles basically aim at picking up hotel guests from the Airport to the hotel premises and dropping them off at the airport after their stay at the premises is done.

Hotel shuttles operate at only on scheduled appointments and are exclusive to guests with the hotel reservation. You need to have reserved a suite at any hotel in Rwanda to be transferred to and from it by this mode of airport transfer.

Cars usually used as hotel shuttles are mostly hatch backs and vans that can carry many travelers and their luggage comfortably. The vehicle drivers are always holistic and also offer luggage handling convenience.

The cost for an airport transfer in Rwanda is often charged inclusive on the accommodation bill by your ideal accommodation facility in Rwanda. It is rarely exclusive.

  1. Airport Taxis /cabs:

These are very convenient airport transfer modes for visitors to this beautiful country. They are generally quick negotiation transfers that do not need reservations to drop you off to any of your ideal destinations in Rwanda that is around Kigali city, Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park.

They are easily spotted at Kigali Airport just outside the terminals with clear stands. Their spots are designated zones where they can wait for travelers. They transport travelers to their destinations at fixed rates measured by symmetric distance meters. The further the distance you travel the more the payment. Payment is usually cash basis in these Rwandan cabs. Endeavor to equip yourself with small notes and preferably in Rwandese francs to best account for your money.

For personal safety and budget considerations, ensure to have a chat with the licensed river on where you are headed to and how much the approximate charges. This will help you avoid overwhelming costs after the ride.

  1. Private car rental companies.

Tourists visiting Rwanda are assured of an exquisite travel experience when they hire a car from a private car rental company for their airport transfers. These licensed travel companies offer car rental services on both short term basis and long term. This understanding could be either of self-drive or chauffeur driven.

Irrespective of the travel class you fall under, Kigali Airport Transfers with a rental company either self-drive or chauffeur driven are the most exhilarating transfers in Rwanda.

Rwanda has over 25 licensed private car rental companies, each having a wide range of vehicles for visitors getting to the country to choose from. Booking your airport transfer in any of the licensed car rental companies is easy and convenient.

Private car rental companies are arguably the most worthy modes for an airport transfer in Rwanda. They are the most advantaged airport transfer modes in the country compared to its counter parts. They give you an exceptional experience to visitors in terms of flexibility and convenience.

Among the benefits of car rental companies is that they are the most flexible modes for your Airport transfer schedules. They give you an exception of organizing your pick up and drop off times according to your itinerary crucially for early morning and late night travelers. For travelers planning on staying for more days in the country, private car rental companies award you exceptional freedom to explore all the country’s beauties and wonders at your own pace.

Renting a car from private car rental companies in Rwanda for your Kigali Airport Transfers is arguably the most cost effective mode for families and large group travelers. There are no extra costs you are obligated to paying off when you hire a car for your stipulated time frame.

Private Car rental companies are also the best Kigali Airport Transfer modes in terms of privacy and comfortability. Expect a calm drive of quietness and personal space without unwanted space.

In a rented chauffeur driven car, await a punctual Kigali Airport Transfer from the Airport directly to your ideal destination. Drop offs are equivalent in punctuality as the pickups.

Car rental companies, to be distinctive from other Kigali Airport Transfers modes give you the opportunity to choose your ideal vehicle for an Airport transfer in Rwanda. These companies have fleets of vehicles that have all classes of cars such as sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, crossovers, trucks, etc. nothing beats the comfort of your drive on the beautiful roads of Rwanda when you travel as ideal as you would want to.

Best Airport Transfers in Rwanda.

Having a private car rental company manage your Kigali Airport transfers is undoubtedly the best airport transfer in Rwanda. Both self-drive and chauffeur driven experiences are the most enthralling in terms of your schedule flexibility, cost wise, privacy and comfort. Opt for any car rental company in Rwanda if you are looking for the best Kigali Airport transfer experience in Rwanda.

Cheapest airport transfers in Rwanda.

The most cost effective mode of airport transfers in Kigali is the option of booking your transfer from a private car rental company. Choose from the many licensed car rental companies in the country to experience comfort, privacy and travel flexibility at your own pace.

We highly recommend 4X4 Rwanda Car Rental Company as the cheapest car rental company for your Kigali Airport Transfer experience. We have a fleet of cars to choose from. We optimize you pickups and drop offs in our four wheel drive cars making the cruise to and from the country, and around this beautiful country amazing.

Our fleet of perfect condition cars contains the Toyota Rav4 series, the Land cruiser 70 series, the Land cruiser TX and TZ series, the Land cruiser GX and VX, and the Land cruiser V8 series. All of them are SUVs with the four wheel drive option. Our rates are as low as 40 USD!

For bookings and reservations, reach out to our website at www.4x4rwandacarrental.com to get your ideal Kigali Airport transfer vehicle reserved.