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Road Safety Tips on Rwandan Roads

Planning for a road trip in Rwanda, get learned about the vital road safety tips on Rwandan roads you need to know and the cars viable vehicles for a successful trip. Driving on Rwandan roads needs you to adhere to quite a number of road safety tips and regulations. The Republic Of Rwanda Ministry Of Infrastructure, RURA, drafted key guidelines for road safety and usage to road users on the country’s different road terrains and varying weather conditions to ensure the safety and comfortability of road users.


Before we get learned about the road safety tips on Rwandan Roads, you need to know the basic requirements for one to drive on the smooth and rough terrains of the country’s roads.

What are the requirements for Driving in Rwanda?

For one to be declared able to drive in Rwanda, they need to have a few requirements that the Rwanda Traffic team inspects. The list of requirements is quite lengthy but take a look at the crucial requirements;

  1. Driving License. This document is issued by the Rwanda National Police. Make sure before driving on Rwandan roads that you possess your driving license in any form, i.e. in hard or soft copy. It should be valid. For foreigners embarking on a road trip in Rwanda, make sure you possess an international Driving Permit alongside your local driver’s license.
  1. Vehicle Registration. Ensure that the vehicle you are planning to take for your road trip around Rwanda on its smooth and rough roads is fully registered. It’s a bit better if you carry the car registration documents by your side for quick inspection.
  2. Vehicle motor insurance. Crucially cross check that the vehicle for your Rwandan road trip has at least a third party insurance coverage. Traffic regulation teams on Rwandan Roads crucially inspect this requirement.
  3. Vehicle health. Before embarking on your trip make sure your car is in the right travelling state. It should crucially have standard tires, clear windscreen, functioning turn signals and bright lights.

With the above driving requirements met, you are a few steps away from having the smoothest and most comfortable drive on the tarmac and murram roads this beautiful country has. All you’re left with now is understanding the road safety tips on Rwandan Roads. Take a look at them and take a deep understanding of these simple safety tips.

  1. Implement road sign instructions. Endeavor to stop when the traffic sign instructs you too, make way when you encounter a make way traffic sign, drive within the indicated speed signs, follow the traffic lights when they instruct you to stop and move, plus all other traffic sign instructions. Putting in order what the signs say makes you safe from traffic police fines, and also makes road usage by other users enjoyable.
  1. Before setting off to any destination in Rwanda, ensure that you’ve buckled your seatbelt(s) tight and swift. Seatbelts buckling is mandatory for whoever occupies a vehicle. It helps you and passengers remain in position in case of a sudden car shock that can lead to voluntary body movement into the car windscreen, windows or rare wind shield.
  2. Practice defense driving through your road trip on Rwandan roads. Defensive driving is basically an art of driving comprising of techniques a driver needs to implement on the road to minimize accident occurrence on the road. Defensive driving includes the following techniques;
    • Keep a safe distance from the upfront road user
    • Change speeds according to the weather condition and state of the road
    • Move through road junctions and intersections cautiously
    • Quick signaling of breaks and turn signals
    • Understanding the need to give way
    • Planning on an escape route in case of abrupt misbehavior by the surrounding road users.
  3. Avoid driving distractions while on the road. Leave mobile phone interactions and any kind of interactions that take your mind off the road.
  4. Be cooperative on road stops encounters. There are quite a number of police check points on Rwandan roads after almost every 50 kilometers. Stay calm and be cooperative with these traffic policemen.

Other road safety tips you need to know for your road trip on Rwandan roads are;

  • Make extensive consultation on the weather updates in Rwanda. This helps you choose what type of car to drive on your road trip.
  • Keep caution on other road users besides vehicle users. These are either pedestrians or cyclists. Know when to give them way on the designated spots like zebra crossings and the exclusive lanes for these road users.
  • Avoid driving at night on Rwandan roads. Night drives are characterized by reduced eye sight and visibility. Some places on Rwandan roads are very dark so you may find it quite challenging to move around at night.
  • Equip yourself with a complete emergency kit in your car. It should have the basics like the breakdown tools, a flashlight and an emergency book.

Is it safe to self-drive on Rwandan Roads?

Self-driving on Rwandan roads is not the most challenging activity for tourists to this beautiful country. The roads are nice and well signaled. The biggest challenge is probably locating places conveniently. This is kind of a great challenging due to the many road routes around the country with almost the same naming.

To overcome this challenge it’s advisable to rent a car with a driver to travel you across the Rwandan infrastructure to your desired destinations in time and conveniently.

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Note that putting in action the above road safety tips and understanding the driving requirements for a Rwandan road trip makes driving through this country very safe for you, your loved ones and other road users. Make it a must to always keep sharp in the road as it’s the best for you and your loved ones.